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eBay Phone Number UK (Free Phone 0800)

Submitted by • May 4, 2010 Website:

free ebay phone number

Have you ever tried to get hold of eBay? WOW what a nightmare!. Getting hold of a phone number for eBay is next to impossible let alone a free phone 0800 number which is what i have found for you today. eBay are like the Gold Dust on the Internet and i tried to get hold of them myself and to be honest it took forever until i was exploring and came across this ebay freephone number which is 0800 358 6551 . I called this number and spoke to an eBay representative within 3 minutes who took my eBay user name & helped me out straight away. Excellent service, normally contacting eBay is a nightmare but this is great. So if you have been looking for an ebay phone number that wont cost you anything then call 0800 358 6551 .


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  • when i ring this free phone number it asked me for a the phone number on my account i dont understand

  • Thanks…..worked perfectly!
    I’ve searched in vain for an ebay contact number – to find a freefone one was even better!
    Ur a STAR!!!

  • yes it worked perfectly, thanks so much for your help!

  • I have spent years tryng to get hold of eBay by phone, yet I’m Power Seller. Thanks for this post & it saves so much hassle… Nice one!

  • Profile

    i have been looking around ebay for hours trying to get through their million questions to contact them pages & ended up searching Google for a phone number & now i have found you guys which have given me the perfect phone number to contact ebay that actually works & to make it better its totally free. Thanks guys

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