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Free Nappies

Nappies work out to be seriously costly when you have to buy them every few days and if you have more than one child in nappies then you can spend a small fortune. Claiming free nappies has never been easier. You can claim either a free jumbo box of Pampers or Huggies.

Click here to claim free nappies

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  • i am goin to be a mom for the first time an need all the help i can get.

  • ive got twins so free nappies yes please!!!!!

  • my partner pregnant so free neppies is great

  • my sister is pregnant so will get her some free nappies, cool offer

  • Only 2 months left till i’m a mummy so some extra nappies wil be handy. I already have 12 packets of newborn nappies though, does anyone know if i can get size 2 from here?

  • As a single parent of two little girls, its hard affording nappies and some free samples will be great for emergancies.

  • am going to be a nan soon need all the help we can get and getting some free nappies is a great start

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